Forest Heart Bracelet

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​Crafted in one earthy green heart shaped two sphere shaped Sara Yo stones, top quality 18k gold filled beads and findings, AAAAA grade jade gemstones, Swarovski crystals, gold crystals and top quality 18k gold filled and stunning green jade charms. The adjustable bracelet is easy to slip on and off 

About Sara Yo Stones:

  • Brilliant colors which change throughout the day
  • Become shinier the longer you wear them 
  • Extremely smooth to the touch
  • Each stone is one of a kind

Sphere shaped healing stones release solid, positive energy consistently from all directions and provides space around you for protection

Heart shaped healing stones brings robust energy to fire your excitement, enhance your motivation and give you a sense of confidence 

Original designs copyrighted by Dr. Hannah Hershoff and precisely handcrafted in the USA.